Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It has been forever since I last posted. Not sure if anyone reads this, but I want to write down some of the milestones and cute things Diego has been doing lately so I wont forget.

  • Turned 2 on Jan 4th.
  • He is really into jumping, dancing and throwing things. He is really good and throwing and catching. His motor skills surprise me everyday. When we play any kind of game with a ball, basketball, baseball, soccer, he makes it 95% of the time.
  • He is also really into cars, airplanes, trains and just about anything that moves. He is such a little boy.
  • He loves Elmo, Brobee, and a cartoon called Lazy Town. When he asks for them he says, "Elmo por fovor", or "gabba gabba", or "town, town".
  • He is starting to talk more and more now that we only use his pacifer at night. Some of his many words are: puppy, avion, por favor, agui esta, brobee, elmo, come on, leche, mas, caro, donde esta, thank you, gracias, etc
  • He also knows his colors for the most part and what sounds different animals make. We are working on animal names.
  • He hates bathtime. Never has liked it. I try to give him baths but he just screams and screams and I just end up putting him in the shower with one of us.
  • He loves Disneyland and knows exactly where we are going if we say "Vamos a la Disneylandia"
  • He gets so excited about everything. I love that about it. However, with that excitement comes screaming, and lots of it. He is one loud kid.
  • I babysit twins everyday, so it is like Diego has little brothers. We are still working on being nice and not pushing, but for the most part he is pretty good to them. They are a year and are walking so they make good little playmates for Diego. Today I needed to change diapers and got one done, but the other twin ran away and wouldn't come back to me. Being a little lazy I asked Diego to go get him for me and he very kindly lead the twin to me. So Helpful!
I am so grateful to be his mommy. He blesses my life so much and is such a joy to be around.


Brandon and Lacey said...

Love it! Little boys have so much energy! Can't believe Diego is getting so big! Miss you guys!

Chris and Mary said...

Growing up so fast! He's such a cutie :) Love you guys, and miss you a ton!

Nini said...

I can't believe how big Diego is! I'll have to send a picture the photographer took of him at our wedding. And I see you've picked up some Spanish! Miss you dear!

BRZZ Odom said...

YEAH! it's about time! 8) When are y'all coming to Dallas?