Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It has been forever since I last posted. Not sure if anyone reads this, but I want to write down some of the milestones and cute things Diego has been doing lately so I wont forget.

  • Turned 2 on Jan 4th.
  • He is really into jumping, dancing and throwing things. He is really good and throwing and catching. His motor skills surprise me everyday. When we play any kind of game with a ball, basketball, baseball, soccer, he makes it 95% of the time.
  • He is also really into cars, airplanes, trains and just about anything that moves. He is such a little boy.
  • He loves Elmo, Brobee, and a cartoon called Lazy Town. When he asks for them he says, "Elmo por fovor", or "gabba gabba", or "town, town".
  • He is starting to talk more and more now that we only use his pacifer at night. Some of his many words are: puppy, avion, por favor, agui esta, brobee, elmo, come on, leche, mas, caro, donde esta, thank you, gracias, etc
  • He also knows his colors for the most part and what sounds different animals make. We are working on animal names.
  • He hates bathtime. Never has liked it. I try to give him baths but he just screams and screams and I just end up putting him in the shower with one of us.
  • He loves Disneyland and knows exactly where we are going if we say "Vamos a la Disneylandia"
  • He gets so excited about everything. I love that about it. However, with that excitement comes screaming, and lots of it. He is one loud kid.
  • I babysit twins everyday, so it is like Diego has little brothers. We are still working on being nice and not pushing, but for the most part he is pretty good to them. They are a year and are walking so they make good little playmates for Diego. Today I needed to change diapers and got one done, but the other twin ran away and wouldn't come back to me. Being a little lazy I asked Diego to go get him for me and he very kindly lead the twin to me. So Helpful!
I am so grateful to be his mommy. He blesses my life so much and is such a joy to be around.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Isaac Camacho, Photography Master

Check out these photos that Isaac took with my PHONE!!! I think they are pretty awesome.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's No Fun Being Sick

You can defiantly tell that is flu and cold season in the Camacho household. I was the first one to get sick: fever, cough, sinus headaches, the works. And because Diego LOVES to snuggle with me, it was only a matter of time before he caught it. I tried to keep my germs away from him and not breath on him, but we lost that battle. Poor little guy, he had a high fever and was throwing up everywhere. We are past the vomiting stage(thank goodness), but we are still dealing with the coughs and runny noses. And to top it all off, last night we think that Isaac got a touch of food poisoning.

So the way we are dealing with it: napping all day long, watching a lot of cartoons, drinking lots of pedilyte and apple juice, and have a big slumber party out in the living room.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We are Alive, I Promise

So much has happened since I lasted posted. It would take a long time and effort to recount all of it, so I will just highlight what I think are the TOP FIVE most important events in no particular order of importance.

#1: We bought a condo! It was a really long, really frustrating, really tiring process but very worth it. We paid an amazing price for it, it was in the city where we lived ( we didn't want to move out of San Clemente), and it is in a very nice neighborhood. It had a little bit of work to be done on it, most of which is finished, but there are still a few projects that need to be done, like putting the baseboards back on :)

#2:I got called into the Primary Presidency in our ward. There is a lot to do and I am very nervous about it.

#3: Diego turns 1 in two days! I can't believe it! I will have a one year old! It just seems like yesterday that he was a little tiny baby and would sleep all day and be awake all night.

#4: We had a very happy holiday season here at home this year.
We were blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving and New Year's with our friends and w
e had a nice Christmas at home. We had a slumber party out
in our living room on Christmas E
ve and then had stockings and gifts in the morning. I didn't really feel like cooking so we went out for TACOS! That is going to be our new tradition, Tacos on Christmas Eve.

#5: Diego is WALKING!!!! Not full on walking yet, but he is getting
there. Today he was walking all around the house. He is really fast at crawling so he prefers that, but I think he is starting to like walking because he sees other little kids do it. I am not sure if
I am ready for him to walk, but it is exciting to see him learn.

Here are some pics to finish off the post.

All dressed up for Halloween. Isaac and I are Ricky and Lucy from "I Love Lucy" and Diego is a monkey.

At Disneyland with Sarai and Yoli.

One of Diego's many haircuts.

Diego as Shrek.

He likes the box more than the toy.

So Isaac decided to grow a beard for the whole month of December. He and some other property managers were going to go around and have clients vote on the best Santa beard. The other two mrgs backed out but Isaac kept growing it out for a few days. I think he got a whole week and half. He couldn't stand it. He was always scratching it and saying how much he hated it, so this is right before he shaved it off. As you can see he is in agony.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm a Working Mama

When Diego was born I absolutely knew that I wanted to stay at home with him and not go back to work. I was so thankful to Isaac for working so hard and making enough money so that I could stay at home with my baby. It would be so hard for me to go back to work and have someone else raise my baby. But with our little family outgrowing our little apartment, I knew that we needed to start saving for a place to buy and living in California is expensive and it hard to save.

But then I found something that was a such a blessing. I started to work from home. At first I was really skeptical about this company because I was afraid it was a scam. I did a lot of research and talked to other people who worked for this company and had success. It seemed ok so I decided to try it out. And it is great. I get to work from home whenever I want, set my own hours, and work how much I want to. It is commission based, so the harder I work, the more I get paid. I just wish I had known about this sooner and I would have done it while I was pregnant.

The more I work, the better and faster I get at it. I supposed that I take longer than other people would because I have a six month old baby who is constantly needing my attention. But I realized if I just get really organized and set goals for myself, it is pretty easy. Before I started this job I felt like I needed to contribute monetarily to my family so that we could progress and not live like college students anymore,and now I can do that and still be at home with my baby. Diego is and always be my first priority, but it gives me such peace of mind that I can help pay off our student loan and start saving for our little family.

It's Been Awhile

So I haven't felt much like blogging lately. Probably cause not much is going on. Well, actually there has been a lot of things happening, but I have always been bad at taking pictures and keeping in touch.

So since I blogged lasted, Diego turned 6 months! Hooray! He is still not sleeping through the night which used to cause me a lot of stress, but then I just decided I needed to relax. While I wish I got more sleep, its ok. He usually goes right back to sleep.

He is getting his first tooth! It is on the bottom and soooooo cute. He will be a little snaggletooth just like his mama was. And it is so amazing to watch him develop. He is such a little boy now and not so much a baby. The other day we were in Wendy's for lunch and he was so curious. Isaac and I didn't have a very peaceful lunch with Diego trying to grab our trays, hamburgers, drinks, fries, keys, hair, etc. He succeeded in grabbing Isaac's water and dumping it all over Isaac. Isaac had to go back to work looking like he wet his pants. HA!

Isaac is still working hard and I am just chilling with my boy. We still love living in San Clemente and are hoping that we can buy a condo here pretty soon. That would be absolutely great because we are quickly outgrowing out little apartment.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Date Night

Isaac came up with an idea for a game that we played the other night. We each came up with 5 different words that would be a theme. We put them all in a hat and took turns drawing a theme and we each had to write a love poem based on that theme. Here are some of the best ones. Enjoy :)

Disclaimer: Most of these poems are meant to be funny, sorry if you think they are inappropriate, we had fun.

Theme: Grass
People say the grass is always greener
But with you I am no wiener
I'm right where I want to be
You are like spiritual fertilizer to me
And I can't wait to continue to spread our seed
------ By Isaac

Your eyes are as green as grass
Your body, a large, toned mass
Your words I will heed
You make me feel like I am on weed
Your lips I want to kiss
You I never want to miss
-------By Kara

Theme: BYU
Baby I'm a fool for you
I gotta say,my real life began at BYU
My dreams may have always been as big as New York
But it wasn't til I was with you that I felt the best, real support
And now together we will achieve our dreams,
In a life that smells as sweet as potpourri
------ Isaac

Love is in the air at BYU
Millions of couples feel it too
The only place weddings happen overnight
Looking for love, find it you might
Come to BYU to get a degree,
Leave BYU with a family tree

You are as cute as a bubble
My mom says you are trouble
But I don't care,
I like your cute butt and hair
You make me feel as light as air
Together we will have no cares

Theme: Mud
Without you I feel like crud
Be without you? I would rather eat mud
It's you that I choose
Cus baby you ain't no dud

Your name is mud
When you chew your food like a chud
You may be a slob
But it would take a mob
To drag me away from my man
Who is so tan,
Like mud
----- Kara

Theme: Chainsaws
My love is strong like a chainsaw
It will cut through adversity and unlucky draws
There is no tree of adversity
That can stand between you and me
Baby, I love you ARRRRRRRRRRR (chainsaw noise)

It was so much fun to write these poems, we had more but I just put the best ones up.